Adventure Saturday - Part 2

Irfan's venture at picture taking, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman. That's my hand that is still hurting after badminton tonight! I'm old!

After we were done with Sg Kanching, everyone felt peckish, especially yours truly. Since I have to go settle my credit card bill, we decided to head for Bukit Bintang. We reached Pavillion about 30 minutes after we left Sg Kanching.

Idlan enjoying his fried riceWhile Irfan couldn't care less ... he prefers golf instead!Idlan wanted his fix for MSG, so we had some sushi while the kids have their tappenyaki fried rice and miso. I then left for Bukit Bintang while Anita and the kids went shopping in Pavillion. I then realised that there is a new fountain built outside the main entrance towards Sg Wang. Boy, there were teenagers around congregating there, punks, goth and all. Identity crisis I thought! Kudo told me that I sounded like an old fart making comments like those on twitter. So I better shut up!

The new fountain outside PavillionWhen I returned, they were just about to take their seat at Godiva cafe. I ordered a hot black chocolate, and it was heavenly. It cost me RM16 for a pot, and it pours for 3+ cups. It was a bargain! I sipped every last drop. Idlan wanted some chocolates, and the waitress duly showed him around. It then dawned on me that a small piece of chocolate will set me back RM9.50 plus tax! Idlan happily picked 4! Argh!!!! But what my baby wants, my baby gets!

Chocoloate served on a platter .... Yummy!It was served on a plate, and Idlan just gulped them in one go and asked for more! We settled in the end for a box of chocolates for him to take home. Won't tell you how much that cost. He finished them all last night!

Today is Monday, back to work. A lot of things needed catching up,and I am due to give a lecture tomorrow morning. Anita was complaining that I a growing fat. So I decided to head out for the badminton session with my ex-Terendak boys. It was a mistake. My fingers flared up again and it is hurting even now. If it is still giving me grief in the next few days, I think I better get it checked out.