Day Out at Hartamas

Day Out at Hartamas 8, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman. For the slideshow, click here and here.

Irfan was going on all week to get me to fix up his Wii. In his wisdom, he managed to navigate the file system and deleted the 'crack' program. We ended up only able to play the originals, and he missed out on his Wii Sport. We had to send it back to our 'dealer' in Hartamas and it will take another few days to get it back.

It has been a while since we visited the Hartamas Chopping Centre. The place was relatively new. We were more familiar with the adjoining Plaza Damas when we stumbled upon the place. It was around the time of Idlan's first birthday back in 2005. We were looking out for a party planner and from the 'net we heard about a shop in Plaza Damas. Unfortunately the shop was already closed, but they made us really cute goody bags for the party.

We had lunch at TGI Friday. I forgotten that kids eat free if you order a main adult meal. There was a Toy'r'us right opposite so while waiting for the order, I was literally dragged there. Lunch was nice although all the drinks tasted the same. Like bubble gum! The boys had chicken fingers and chips. I ordered some spicy prawn cocktail and roasted chicken for the main. Anita had sizzling chicken in cheese sauce ..... hmmmm! Hers tasted better I must admit!

Bulls eye!Irfan filling up the fountain! You can just about see the balls spewing out the top!Next stop, the indoor playground. I stayed behind with the boys while Anita went shopping. As their measure to combat H1N1, the proprietor of the playground checked the temperature of everyone passing through. We spend more than an hour in there and the main attraction were the cannons and the 'volcano' of course!

Idlan was so excited that he had an asthma attack later that night (last night). He is OK now, but I had to suffer the whole day due to lack of sleep and ManYoo losing to Chelski in the Charity Shield. I guess in the spirit of charity, we did the decent thing and let Chelski win! I had to wake up early though as I had a lecture to give at 8 am.

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