3rd Ampang Haematology Update

As I mentioned, both Edmund and Habibah, plus my final year Medical Officers are away today. They were all attending the Haematology Update at Hospital Ampang. It is their third installment. I was involved in the last series but this current one. I guess they got proper speakers this time. However, my MacBook adaptor did make an appearance since one of the Mac-using speaker forgotten to bring hers.

I had to hold the fort, and Friday has traditionally been a busy day for the unit as we hold our big weekly clinic on the Friday mornings. We managed to cut down the number this time to 40 and I only had to spend a couple of hours down there. Myself, Gin Gin and 3 other MOs.

I planned to leave for Ampang right after Friday Prayers, but unfortunately it got delayed since I had to settle a few referrals. I finally managed to get to Ampang to hear the last lecture. It was by my sifu, @palmdoc. He gave a quick insight on the concept of Reduced-Intensity Stem Cell Transplant. The talk was attended by what seems like the majority being nurses rather than doctors. The topic this time around is rather specific, Stem Cell Transplantation. Therefore, those attending must have had some inclination or are involved in the subject matter because otherwise it becomes to specialised. As Ampang is near my home, I managed to escape back home and reach there by 5.

Idlan and Irfan has been waiting for me since the afternoon as the new souped-up Wii needs a bit of skill to load up. They were not able to load the Wii Sport Resort as it need some tinkering in the menu. It was also raining heavily by then, so we decided to skip the music school for today.