Cousin's Wedding in Muar

Made a round trip to Muar today, some 200 km from home. I attended one of my cousin's wedding. Initially I was reluctant to travel due to the pandemic and all, but I finally gave in to my Mum.

taking a breather halfway to Muar. Cousin's kenduri there. #fb on TwitpicWe hit out at around 11am, stopped for a quick drink as my nephew, Imran was hungry. We managed to get lost on the way over there as the last time we went there was some 4 years ago. We got there by 1.30, had lunch, then it started poring down.

The rain eased off just in time for the wedding procession to arrive. I was also surprised as there was a live band playing. In KL, especially in house kenduri, there are usually karaoke, or people attempting at karaoke, but today there were some serious singers and musicians. And they were good, or at least I thought they were.

A sign I saw on the way hone ... Pedas!We left shortly after the procession arrive as the return trip will take another couple of hours at the very least, and it looked like it was going to rain again. I finally arrived home, after dropping my Mum at around 6. Flipped through the channel and was disappointed to find that they were not showing the World Athletics live on Astro. Quick check on the YouTube to watch clip of Bolt and Gay in the heats. The second round will be later tonight. Oh! And there is a small matter of The English Premier League back on the tubes! United is only playing tomorrow though, so the season has not started until then in earnest.

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