Give me the Sushi!

Myself and Anita went out this afternoon, in search of face masks for the boys and also a thermal scanner, to scan the driver's and maids' forehead just in case they have fever. It seems that panic has gripped the whole of Kuala Lumpur. None of the outlets have kiddy's mask in store. The thermal scanner were also sold out, and we put one in order. It should be available sometime in the next few days. Even the Pharmacist told us that everyone was buying them in droves. There was even a customer asking if he can sell them Tamiflu without prescription!

After doing all that, I started having a crave. It is expected to be Ramadhan by Friday. It's the fasting month. I had to get myself filled up, eat the things that I crave! I needed sushi! And I need them now!

Just next door to the Pharmacy is a new sushi joint. We frequent Great Eastern Mall from time to time, but never noticed this small little shop. It is called Express Sushi. It has only been opened for a couple of months. Gingerly we walked in. The friendly waiter came over and asked if we are familiar with Japanese food. If we needed help ordering. A quick chat and then I ordered salmon sashimi, California handroll and a soba. Anita had miso soup as extra.

Honestly, I was blown away. The sashimi was really nice, even the avocado in the handroll tasted fresh, and the soup ..... Basically it was a delight. The owner, Michael, and the Manager Eric, was always at hand, talking to us about the menu. This is their first outlet, and they are planning many more in the future with plans for delivery. The main bulk of the business will be take-aways and also catering for small parties. With food this good, I can't see them having much problem expanding.

While talking about the price, I accidentally blurted out the words .. "It's so cheap!", much to my embarrassment. In all honesty, the price was very reasonable, and compared to some other outlet, the food here is much better. Certainly no complains here. However, if you are really into Japanese, and planning for a big order, maybe a Japanese buffet will be a better idea.

The actual dining area was rather small, obviously trying to keep the overhead down. The location was also rather hidden. It was on the Lower Ground Floor, and it was by sheer luck that we stumble upon the place. The seating are arranged in a single row overlooking the wall. There are a couple of round table outside, but should you come in a big party, you will struggle. Apparently according to Michael, they are able to provide bigger table if you give them a heads up. Also since the location is away from the main entrance, should we order up front for take away, we can just drive through at the ground floor and he will pass on the order.

Personally, I am not being paid to write about this. However, the restaurant deserve a special mention. So Michael, if you are reading this, make sure my next meal is on the house .... Cheers!

The restaurant can be contacted on 03 42560010, or why not have a look at their Facebook page.

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