The boy with the mask!

The boy with the mask!, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

The H1N1 pandemic has certainly hit fever pitch here in Malaysia - pun intended. You should listen to the parents' meeting at the entrance of Idlan's kindergarten. There are even parents who are planning to keep their children away until the pandemic ends .... ie next year? Even my wife caught the bug (another pun). She was asking me about all sorts and basically being the middle person to all of Idlan's classmate parents. Should they wear masks? What brand of mask? Is the RM3 better than the 50 sen ones? Why was the school not closed? I think rather than bitching around about it, they should just read about the public guideline and get on with their life!

However, there will be another group that will affected by all this. The People selling breakfast food during Ramadhan. It is common knowledge that some people actually take unpaid leave during the month to open up business. They rake in a hell of a lot.

Ramadhan in Malaysia is a time where everybody mingle around. The shopping malls will be full with shoppers buying new wares for the coming Hari Raya. Before breaking fast, it is almost traditional that they visit the stalls to buy food. These makeshift markets are called 'Pasar Ramadhan' and they spring up like mushroom.

At night, people go out again shopping in the streets. It is much cooler at night compared to the day. They can also eat out. A lot of people also frequent the mosques and surau for Tarawikh prayers every night. I am sure that there will be an effect to the way we celebrate Ramadhan and Hari Raya.

While we are on the subject of Hari Raya, the celebration will definitely be dented this year. I can announce a big open house because I am sure nobody will be coming ... hehehe! Have a blessed Ramadhan!

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