Another Sunday, Another trip to Pasar Ramadhan

Pasar Ramadhan 4, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

This thing is kinda addictive. Fasting all day, of course you felt starving come late afternoon. All you can think about is food. It is only natural that you congregate to where food is. In my case, it is Pasar Ramadhan. Considering I will be on call tomorrow, why not?

Went to the same place again, but today, the crowd was even bigger. There were many more shops open. It may have something to do with the fact that I went there a bit later than yesterday. There was also not a mask in sight.

As a family, we decided to stay in the whole day today rather than go out. Idlan is much better today. Today would be his last day of antibiotics. Luckily Irfan was also very well. He did not develop any fever or flu. Woke up this morning buoyed by the fact that ManYoo thrashed Wigan 5 nil last night and Owen got on the score sheet. Well, Happy Ramadhan for you all.

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