Tried to Leave Early

Was on call yesterday. Managed to get home for Berbuka, then came back to UMMC for my evening rounds. Luckily, the bed situation was reasonable. We did not have to struggle too much except from the usual difficult cases. I reached home at around midnight.

The queue at the DUKE toll plazaWas rather late getting up this morning after a heavy sahur. Sorted out my referrals in the morning as I will be tied up in the afternoon. We had our two-monthly 'Transplant Meeting', followed by the Medical Department Meeting. This will be the last for Prof Wan Azman as he is stepping down from the end of the month. The meeting finished just after 4.30, and I went straight home, thinking that I will be early enough to escape the traffic.

Unfortunately the traffic has started building up. However, I still managed to reach home, have a shower, then went to Pasar Ramadhan. After Berbuka, I went out to Bukit Bintang to pay up my credit card bills at branch of UOB there. The crowd was quite heavy, and surprisingly, the majority was from the Middle East. I would have thought they like to stay back during Ramadhan since there are feast almost every night. Sorted out my bill, and felt peckish. Had coffee at Starbucks, then some ice-cream, and before I know it, it was already 9.30. Time to head home. In the meantime, I managed to do some window shopping as Anita's birthday in coming up on 9/9/9. Better get something good for her.

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