Another Night Out

Kota Darul Ehsan, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

For the last 3 nights, I was not able to put my boys to bed. Tonight, I attended a talk at the Le Meridien at KL Sentral. There was a buffet for berbuka as well. The speaker is a Haematologist from Nantes, France.

It was a mistake on my part to initially drive back home, then having to rush back into town in time for Berbuka. Initially I did not want to go out, but I did promise the Pharma rep that I would go, plus I was meant to give one of my doctors a lift. I just managed to get there in time for Berbuka.

The Berbuka was at a Arab/Mediterranean restaurant on the 8th floor. It was a nice cozy area, but unfortunately the buffet was a disappointment. There was just not enough variety on the food. I just grab some basic stuff and then desert. On the way back, I actually stopped at a gerai for some more food. That was how bad it was.

The talk was quite interesting, but the mistake was to have it right after Berbuka. Everyone was falling asleep. I just had some more nasi goreng from the gerai. Time to catch some zzzz.