Some Haagen-Dasz is always nice

After Berbuka last night, I had to drive Anita and Irfan to Bangsar Vllage. She had to return Idlan's baju Melayu. It was too big. We managed to exchange for a smaller one. But boy, was Bangsar crowded. It was Friday night after all.

The packed foyerWe reached there close to 9, and the shops will be closed in an hour. In the foyer of Village 1, there is an open market. There are stalls selling Raya clothes and hampers and the likes. The hampers were particularly nice, though they are not cheap. I suppose you get what you paid for. The acid test was whether the Raya cookies in there was as nice as it looked. Therefore, we insisted on trying some. Surprisingly they were good. Enough reason for Anita to splash on one. I'm not sure who she plans to give it too.

A cousin of ours used to do hampers and deliveries in the last few years. I am not sure if she is doing it again this year. She said that the return is good, but it was hard work, especially the delivery part. She was still making deliveries on the evening of Raya.

I have taken both Tuesday and Wednesday off. Coupled with Monday being 'Merdeka Day', I will have 5 straight days off work which is nice. Initially we wanted to travel to Penang, but in the last minute we decided otherwise. We will be heading for Port Dickson instead later today. A couple of days holidays for the boys. That would be nice. Planning to do a bit of street photography while I am there. Shame that I can't go for my Assam Laksa and Teh Tarik in the town because of Ramadhan. The stall might be opened at night though.

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