Greetings from Port Dickson - Day 1

Has been occupied with the kids during the weekend with the trip to our beachfront apartment there.We came here Saturday, and will make our trek back to KL later today. But not after another trip to the beach of course.

We left KL pretty early on Saturday, and were already settled in PD by 1 pm. Since the last time we came here was during the Labour Day, the apartment could do with a bit of a clean. After that's sorted, it was my job to scout for a place for iftar. We decided to have it at the PD Golf Club, the place where we normally go for breakfast usually.

After the buffet was booked, it's time to hit the beach. It was very sunny that day, and we had to wait until around 5pm before we venture off. The boys occupied themselves by playing the Wii till then.

Suits, checked. Sunscreen, checked. Caps, checked.A welcoming sight!A bliss!We had to leave the beach early since the table was already booked. We got to the Golf Club about 15 minutes before iftar. Settled into our table. The spread was basically Malay themed, with barbecue thrown in for good measure. The main surprise was it cost us RM60 for everything! You can't get that kind of price in KL. And the food were pretty decent too. By the end, the boys were already getting tired. After a quick trip to 7-Eleven, we got back home. Chilled, while I picked up some food for sahur at our resort as we were too tired to go anywhere else.

That was the first day ......

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