Greetings from Port Dickson - Day 2

Irfan and his castle

Pasaraya Mesra - for all your towel needs!It was stormy the night before. All our towels outside were soaked. The first order of the day is to buy fresh ones. After that was settled, we decided to do some shopping in town. My mother-in-law's maid has a relative here in PD, so we let her go for a visit.

After shopping we headed to Thistle, a newly refurbished hotel just south of Telok Kemang. The last time we visited it, it was still in it's earlier incarnation, the Guomon.

After a quick walk around the place, we settled at the creche. We spent nearly 2 hours there, watching DVDs, playing ping-pong etc. The boys had some ice-cream by the pool. The weather was overcast and dull. The best place to stay was indoors.

We never stayed here before, so I can't comment about the rooms. The pool was nice with a separate area for young kids with waterslides and shades. The whole place was designed to be child-friendly. My main gripe was the lack of lifts. There was only one that we can find, to serve all six floors. Waiting for one can be an eternity. We therefore used the stairs instead. But imagine if you have a pram or carrying some bags, that can be an issue.

The creche was nice and cozy. The walls and floors were covered with foamy mats for protection. There was a room filled with balls were my boys were practically swimming in it. The entrance fee was however rather steep at RM15 per child. You can use the ticket the whole day however. The toilet and changing facilities for kids at the creche was also very good. By about 4.30, we went back into town to pick up the maid.

After a quick change and shower back at the apartment, we returned to Thistle for Berbuka. The buffet spread was very good and the price was way reasonable if you compare to KL. Apart from the usual Malay dishes, there was also barbecue, salads and plenty of sweets. Unfortunately the waitress messed up our booking went we came earlier to book a table. We were surprised to learn that there was no table under our name when we turned up. Luckily, the duty manager was nice enough to arrange for one even thought the place was fully booked. The manager will get an email for this .....

After another walk post-food, we headed back to the apartment content. The boys were still jumping until almost midnight, but all in all, it was a nice day for everyone.

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