Full fat, full throtle

Pasar Ramadhan 5, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Since I am off today, everyone reading my facebook update was green with envy with my updates. Started off with the usual school run. It was raining very heavily however, and I heard that traffic across town was pretty bad. We got to Pingu School quite late as well and Irfan had to cut short his class today since we had to rush back to fetch Idlan.

The Eid decor at Great Eastern MallAfter all is done, we went to Great Eastern Mall for the boys to have lunch. Idlan then did some artwork at the art class, while we did some groceries. Since yesterday, Idlan have been talking about his Peter the shellcrab. He found it when we were at the beach yesterday and has grown attached to it ever since. Unfortunately since we didn't have the tools to look after Peter, we had to set him free. Idlan actually cried. When he woke up this morning, he kept asking how is Peter.

Therefore, we went to a pet shop at the mall, and we picked up a couple of crabs. Idlan then named them Peter and Jane. Irfan on the other hand wanted the clownfish. We didn't even have an aquarium, let alone ones that can take on salt-water fish. We got a couple of guppies for him instead, and he names them Nemo and Ike - Ike short for Ikan!

We then spend the afternoon setting up the tank, fed the pets etc. Then it was time for pasar Ramadhan. We initially went to a shop in Ukay Perdana that we went yesterday. The murtabak there was pretty good, even if it cost RM4. We then headed for Melawati for other stuffs, including some fireworks for the boys. As you can see, Anita was attracted to fat. There was this stall that sell every known part - edible of course - of a cow. She loved the tongue and picked them up. As you can see in the pics, they were instant artery cloggers! Eat them at your peril! Preferably with a local friendly Cardiologist around. I've already booked Imran.

This shop sell a mean Murtabak. Click on the pics and look at the map for the location.The rest of the day I spent clearing up a couple of websites including Idlan's. I wanted to install the smugmug flash slideshow in them realising that they can take ages to load. I'm also setting up a separate photoblog, just telling stories in pictures, no doubt inspired by the Ramadhan website I read the other day.

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