Weekend in Putrajaya - Day 2

This is the only real full day that we spend in Putrajaya but unfortunately I had to return to UMMC for my ward round that morning. On the way back, I was stuck in traffic due to the anti-ISA rally in the middle of town. There were roadblock everywhere and the Federal Highway was turned into one giant car park.

I finally reached Putrajaya after lunch. My wife has ordered in, and we decided to head to Alamanda since it was rather hot outside. The boys had already had their dose of swimming in the pool when I was away so they are pretty content. We spend a good few hours there walking around.

It was nearly 5 when we reached our room. My wife decided to have a lie in. I went out with my camera to take some shots. Unfortunately the weather was overcast then. Initially we planned to go out for dinner, but everyone was pretty tired by then. I decided to check out another restaurant in the hotel. It is on the jetty by the lake overlooking the hotel. Nice ambiance. Wide open space. Sounds of crickets in the air with cool breeze.

'The Village' serves Western fusion food. I ordered some salad and halibut as my main. It was gorgeous. The kids ran around on the jetty. There is a small little air conditioned room smack in the middle of the jetty. They went in there to cool off before running around again.

One thing that impressed me about 'The VIllage' is the waiters. They went the extra mile to make our patronage an enjoyable one. They explained to us the content of the menu, attend to our request for food for our kids and delivered food to the room for our parents. It was certainly a nice change.

The lobby for Seri Tanjung WIng