Look at my new shoes - Cuti Raya Day 2

Kasut baru, kasut raya, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

A rather dull day today. Anita had to go to Putrajaya to settle the maid's permit for next year, and I babysat the two boys. She was back by 1 and we planned to do some shopping later in the day and get a haircut for Idlan. His fever is now better and he is getting restless to leave the house. Since Anita and her Mum was tired from the Putrajaya journey, they took a nap before we left.

We set out at around 3.30. The traffic was really bad along MRR2 and Jalan Ampang. We finally reached the Great Eastern Mall carpark just before 6! 2 and a half hour journey to travel 7 miles! Madness. Apparently the Minister has announced that tomoorow will be a day off for schools. The parents hence set about to leave for kampung tomorrow and went into a last minute shopping frenzy. The traffic was basically jam-packed, not just at Jalan Ampang, but most of the trunk roads into the City Center. We were lucky that the boys were still under control in the car, and nobody needed to rush to a toilet.

Since time was tight, we got the shoes for the boys. Irfan actually picked her own (above). Apparently the spider on the laces were the clincher. He can't stop running around in them right after. We then headed to Cozy House to see if there are any empty table for iftar. We were turned away however. Reluctantly we had to settle for a table at Penang Village right next door. I decided to have Japanese instead at Express Sushi. It worked out better for me I think.

Luckily the traffic back was smooth. By the time we reached home, everybody was already tired. Time to catch some zzzz. I am taking my Uncle to see the Urologist tomorrow, so going back to UMMC for a bit tomorrow morning.


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