Cuti Raya Day 3

MidValley Raya Decor 2, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Hey! Nice tree!It was raining when I got up, which is a pain since I have to go to UMMC this morning, taking my Uncle to see my Urologist colleague. The appointment was at 9.30 and since there were some issues about his scans and what not, we only managed to get everything sorted by 11.30. There will be follow-up after Raya and it is more than likely that he will have to undergo an operation.

On the way back, I decided to drop by at MidValley after hearing a alot about their Raya decor. I arrived there just after mid day and the crowd has already started building up. Apparently it was worst yesterday. A lot of the crowd has already left for their balik kampong ritual. I look forward to an empty KL in the next few days.

More Malay Kampong touchesThe decor was as sweet as what was described. It cartoon replica of a traditional Malay kampung, made of wood. And they are actually functional. Some of the decors were used as stalls where you can buy cookies and other Raya goodies. There is also a big stage in the middle, presumably for music and fashion shows I must say that compared to Lat's work in KLCC, this was on a smaller scale. They are also a lot more predictable, with elements of Malay kampong. I found it lack 'character' and spirit. If you were to ask school children to design a set around the theme of kampong, I am sure they will come up with something similar to this. It lacks originality and innovation. I found it to be too functional.

Lat's work in KLCC is more colourful. You can relate to it a lot more with characters from his Kampong Boy repertoire. You can tell that the designer actually comes from a kampong. It did not try to hit it over our heads that this is what a kampong should look like. It was more involved and evolved. At least that was what my take was.

I reached my home just in time for Jumaat Solat. After Solat, felt tired and decided to take a power nap. It was fine until the power nap actually took a good 3 hours! I was really knocked out. When I woke up, at least my sore throat was gone. I was more than likely carrying a virus, hence the reason for the lethargy. We therefore had to skip Idlan's music class.

From aboveI had to run a few errands after berbuka and drove past Alpha Angle. Can't help but to smile when I saw the queue into the car park. Plenty of people were out to do last minute shopping. I went by to buy some Tandoori, and now back home. Drizzling outside. Maybe it's time for another power nap.

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