Malam Raya - Day 4 Cuti Raya

Malam Raya 5, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

It is almost here. Last minute shopping was done, but unfortunately my Dad took up smoking again during Ramadhan. His bronchitis is back and he started to cough badly in the last couple of nights. The night before, he needed nebulisers at the local clinic. I decided to get him checked out at UMMC this morning. Thought of putting him on short-term steroids. Then we found out that his blood pressure was sky high.

We put in down to his diet and the fact that he stayed up most nights for prayers during Ramadhan. He needed to chill and most importantly, give smoking up. He may not be able to drive with us to Penang on Monday. He may have to catch a lift from my sister.

On the way back from UMMC, we drove past Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. The road leading to it was well empty, but oh my God! Were we wrong? The entrance to Chow Kit was gridlocked. Mostly by foreigners. I bet the locals have done their shopping and has already legged to their respective kampongs. We had to skip our plan to stop and have a look.

Initially apprehensive

Irfan soon warmed upIdlan getting groovyLater, I brought the kids to visit their Grand Dad, where we had to stay an extra couple of hours due to haevy rain. The rain was severe enough that apparently there were reports on another landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa. It was close to Iftar by the time we reached home.

A lot of chores needed doing that night. After clearing and cleening, it was time to treat the boys with some fireworks and sparklers. They stayed up until almost 11pm. Initially Idlan and Irfan were intimidated by the sparklers, but later they warmed up. Grand Ma done all her cooking during the day. The rest of the troops spend the evening decorating and preparing the main tables, cookies and all. I was really tired by midnight, hence can only punch in this entry the day after. Happy Hari Raya.

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