Happy Hari Raya

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Wishing all a Happy Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Sorry that this entry is a couple of days late. You will have to excuse me as I was busy with the festivities, and the planned holidays and all. We celebrated this year as usual in Gombak. I attended the prayers at the mosque near our house. It was packed as expected and most of the dwellers were planning to hit off to their kampong right after the prayers.

Idlan - balik kampongAfter prayers, we had some ketupat and rendang - the must-haves for the Eid here locally - and had our family photos. We then head off to my parents' at Bukit Antarabangsa. We stayed there for a couple of hours, mainly having food. My sisters had left for Melaka - to her in-laws - the day before.

Irfan showing his silat skills in Baju MelayuBack in Gombak in the afternoon, we received visits from friends and cousins. One of Anita's close cousin, Ros came over with her family. Chit chat, more food. Unfortunately, I was then reminded that I have to nip out to the supermarket to get some stuffs for tomorrow's journey. Fun's over.

I was so surprised how many people were there at our local Jaya Jusco at Alpha Angle. The Jusco staffs were all in their Raya wares, which is a change from their usual uniforms. The queue was rather excruciating though checking out. I then had to rush back to watch the Manchester Derby. Time to put City in their place this time.

Stopping over at McDonald's to get chips for the boys on the home from Bukit AntarabangsaThe game started where we expected with Rooney netting within the first couple of minutes. Unfortunately City came back. In fact, United went ahead again twice, both times being pegged back with equalisers. City got their third equaliser thanks to Ferdinand's mistake on the 91st minute. I thought the game was over. Then Owen stepped up and got the winner late on, on the 96th. I can understand why the City manager is furious, but then again, that's what make ManYoo strong. The game is only over at the final whistle.

I went to bed just before midnight as I will be doing some driving the next day. Everything was packed up by then. Looking forward to the trip.

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