And the rest of the holidays

Nasi daun pisang, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Well, my holiday break did not end well with the illness I caught. I seemed to be feeling better but decided to stay put today. Still too groggy to drive. Decided to sort out the paperworks, update my blogs and websites. Preparing coming lectures. I will need to go to the GP later for a quick check-up and sort my MC out.

In the last couple of days, we mainly spent time visiting families, but obviously not yesterday. Anita and the rest of the troops went out for a few open houses while I spent most of the days in bed. Since the blog is a few days out of sync, I thought I include some pics from our latest outing, and the now infamous Irfan's guide to making a good cup of tea!

The venue

Some sushi to start withStep 1 - dullops of sugarStep 2 - Now in come the milk ... full-fat ones of courseStep 3 - Stir franticallyStep 4 - Testing time!Step 5 - .... wipe the face

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