Long day - at least the vertigo is gone

Felt better after a day's rest and today, I went to the hospital to meet one of the ENT specialist after my lecture. After a quick check-up, he went on to do a series of maneuver on my head, called the Epley maneuver. Boy, I felt good after that. I felt that my feet was touching the ground for the first time in 3 days.

If any of you are interested, read this link that will explain more about the condition I had. I felt like having sea sickness all the time. It was not very nice. Since having the maneuver, I certainly felt much better. Unfortunately, I still am not able to drive until I see them again next week. Hopefully the worse of t is behind me.

What will I do the rest of the week? I have already arranged for our driver to take me to hospital to get some work done. At least I do not have to go too early as I will be on medical leave. I still have a couple of teaching commitments I have to continue with however. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and be able to write more.

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