PD - Final Day

PD 2-5, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

We only stayed in PD until Merdeka Day. Since we did not hit the beach on the second day, the boys demanded that we go down before we leave for KL. The morning was rather windy and overcast, so we made our trail at around 10am.

Thistle main lobbyAs usual, they were playing in the sands. Since the tide was low, some of the sands that they dug contained shells and crabs. That got them really excited. Idlan then took up a crabshell and his pet and named him Peter. We spent a good hour at the beach until the clouds open up and the day became too hot. I got some sunburn on my back since I took off my shirt when I went for a dip. It is still smarting now and I think the skin is going to start peeling soon.

We then took Peter and some live shells up to our apartment. Idlan wasnted to bring the crabshell home. However, I was not sure if we can look after it in KL, so I had to let it back to the see. On the way back to KL, Idlan kept on crying. He was still asking about Peter when he woke up the next day. That's when we decided to get him a pet. That's why we got the current Peter and Jane for him.

Ping Pong anyone?We got back to KL at around 4. The traffic was heavy around Seremban, but it got better right after. All together, it was a nice weekend. I just cannot believe how cheap the food was over there compared to here in KL. A Ramadhan buffet at a 5-star facility for under RM40? That will just not happen in KL.