Jane RIP

Peter, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

After berbuka, we headed out to Great Eastern Mall to get the replacement for Jane. The traffic was very light on the way in which is a change. It was an all together pleasant ride.

The interior of the Malay Kampung House at the lobbyWe initially stopped at the main lobby. There was a mock house built as part of the Eid celebration, and the decor inside the house was authentic Malay Kampung style. The lobby was filled with stalls selling containers and porcelains for 'kuih raya'. After a quick browse we then head straight for business. We picked up a replacement for Jane and told the salesgirl what had happened. She was rather vague actually. Hopefully Peter and the new Jane will not end up like the original Jane.

Yummy SashimiVisiting Great Eastern Mall gave me the opportunity to visit Express Sushi again at the LG floor. We got our usual fix and brought home some handroll and sashimi. The food was nice as usual. The owner Michael was in, so we had a quick check. He gave me a new handroll to try on the house, and I was obliged to post some picture of it. No! Not because they are free, but because they are damn nice! Do check them out if you are around GE Mall.

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