Heading to Kuala Kangsar for the Weekend

Since my father-in-law cannot make it for the recent doa selamat in Kuala Kangsar, he decided to spend the coming weekend over there. Personally speaking I was quite keen to go as well. Puan Anita was game with the idea but unfortunately Irfan was down with fever today with runny nose.

Anita sneakily took Irfan to see our family Doctor - who my boys refer to as Uncle Lim - to get him on antibiotics. After he was all drugged up, Irfan was running around. Now I am worried about Idlan, but fear not. Anita got the doses of antibiotics for Idlan as well on stand by! I am sure all doctors have their own opinion when it comes to antibiotics news. Some avoid them at all cost considering the potential harm they may cause. Me, I am never very keen. I tend to leave the fever on for at least 48 hours, or the colour of their sputum changes. Put it another way, I will let Anita ask me about antibiotics three times before I agree with her .... Yes! I am cruel at that!

So, we got ourselves all packed up tonight. I have a full day ahead tomorrow with the clinic in the morning, followed by a session with the Oncology Trainees right after Friday prayers. I might be too tired to drive alone tomorrow, therefore one of the driver will do it for us. I'll be tweeting all the way there.

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