Kuala Kangsar, Here I come!

It was a tiring journey straight from work to Kuala Kangsar last evening. In fact I slept most of the way, then straight to sleep again upon reaching here. Friday has always been busy for me, with the quick ward round before starting my clinic. The clinic usually run straight through lunch, when I sheepishly made my exit for the Jumaat Prayers. I also sometime needed to come back after prayers, or worst still had to create a fuss in order to go for prayers.

For yesterday, I had to something extra since Habibah had to leave early and Edmund still in Klang. I also had to give a tutorial to the Oncology Trainees after which I had to run back to perform some procedure in the ward. Luckily I did not have to do the driving. We had the family driver doing that.

Morning walkI had an early dinner on reaching home. We were stuck in the jam however getting into the PLUS toll plaza at Jalan Duta. Once that was done, we only did one toilet stop. By the time we reached Ipoh, both Idlan and Irfan were asleep. We finally reached Kuala Kangsar at 10.45. Unpacked, then I went straight to sleep, and only woke up during the Suboh athan this morning.

Breakfast timeFather-in-law and his morning newspaperPuan Anita had to do some business this mooring, so I was at the kampung home with my two boys and maid. Still planning what to do for the afternoon. I was keen to drive up to Penang but I was not sure if the boys can cope. We will see to that later. In the meantime, I had been reading the first few chapters of 'Superfreakonomics'. It was part economics, part satire, but very sharp observation on the things that happens in our life today and why certain things happened so. There was a part explaining that prostitutes are more likely to sleep with a policeman than to end up in jail, all pretty common sense stuff but interesting read none the less.

Time to chill with the bookIt's Superfreakonomics Time!Will keep everyone updated with our plans for later. Penang sounded a good idea ….

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