A walk in the Park

There was a slight in change in weather lately. Yes, it rained a lot less in KL. During the last weekend, we took the opportunity to stroll out in the park in one of the late afternoons. The weather was nice and breezy, but unfortunately we didn't have the CRV with us, so we can't fit the bicycles to take along.

The troops arrivingThe playgroundNone the less, it was great fun. Idlan and Irfan started going crazy at the playground, stopping for sips of water when they ran out of gas. Our maids did a good job in trying to keep up with them. Puan Anita had given up earlier on. She just sat there with some ice cream and pickles. I was busy snapping away with my camera. Decided to take my SLR instead, with only a single prime lens - my favourite 50mm f1.4.

Irfan shooting awayThe ammunitionAs far as public playground goes, this is the cleanest in central KL. However it get pretty crowded most morning with the joggers an cyclist. I prefer here to Tasik Perdana as it tended to be less crowded. Parking can be a pain at either site during busy weekends, but access going in and out of the park is definitely better at Tasik Perdana. There were also more things to see over there should you decided to give the children playground a miss. The butterfly and bird parks were just close by, so was the Orchird Gardens. 

Bubbles!Time to go home - Kemboja or frangipani, Puan Anita's favourite flower - after roses of course!We then sat for a picnic, while the two of them played with some bubbles. We bought one of those toy guns that blew away bubbles. It cost us RM5 each but they worked wonders. Much better than the much more expensive battery-operated ones. Spraying away, running around, They were too tired to catch a spot of sunset in the end. It was not too crowded either compared to the last time we visited it during the start of the school holidays.

The slideshow can be found here.

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