The decors were up at MidValley

Malaysia and its unique melting pot of cultures and races mean many things. But in my head, 2 things spring to mind - many festivities and many holidays! We have a long weekend coming up since I am working in Wilayah Persekutuan. Unfortunately I will be on call on Sunday. That means, I can't go out to Port Dickson as what we would normally do. My excuse to go - the apartment needed cleaning. Well, it will have to stay dirty and dusty for another week I guess.

The main stage

As for the festivities, as usual all the main shopping malls were competing to outdo each other. I have taken some pictures from The Curve and Pavilion. Today, I was walking around MidValley in the late afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't have my LX3 with me. So, I guess my phone should do. Compared to both Pavilion and The Curve, the decor there seemed rather subdued. There was a stage built in the middle of the main foyer, which I am sure will be accommodating the lion dance troupe. There were blossoms and lotus. Here there was a mock pagoda as well. There were no activities today but I am sure there will be plenty in the weekends to come. I am sure I will check the place out again soon.