Saturday Morning Activities

Today's theme, the letter 'A'The boys were now used to waking up early. Even during weekends. Last night, we went out for dinner at KLCC and the two of them were already asleep in the car before we reached home. Had to carry the chubby one into the room. Nearly did my back.

The tool of the trade ... or tirade!The ammunitionAnother masterpieceSo, they woke me up at around 6.30 this morning. They wanted to do some arts apparently. While breakfast was being prepared, we got the watercolour out, and they started colouring. An hour after, everything was almost dry and the mess were being cleared and the pictures were their products. I wanted to take my camera out but unfortunately there was nothing much happening around my place, unless I join my KLickr friends having fun at Batu Caves. Most of them were already at the scene as early as 6am. It's Thaipusam today!

Waiting for the artwork to dryWhat we were watching on YouTube ... Star Wars Lego!As for us, we have a wedding to attend to at lunch. After that, I am keen to go to Putrajaya for a drive. Not sure my batik will fit in though as I will be going straight from the wedding.