Wedding at Wardieburn

I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate a former neighbour whose daughter got married yesterday. The wedding was held at a hall in Wardieburn Camp. Yes, it was inside the Army Camp itself. The hall was brand new, and in the last few months there have been a few weddings held there.

Irfan and cousin Suraiya enjoying the PSPShould I be encouraging Irfan to play this game?It was an afternoon reception. We were amongst the first to arrive there, just before midday. The happy couple arrived for the bersanding at around 12.30. Everything went smoothly. The food was nice. The MC was clearly having fun singing a few numbers before the couple arrived on the karaoke. I have a point of contention though. Not against the host, but against the Camp management itself.

The MC belting away at the karaoke. Seemed to be having too much fun!The happy couple entering the hallThere was a lack of coordination and for the army - both myself and Puan Anita coming from army families - it was embarrassing. Some of the guests were asked to take passes, while others wasn't. Some were asked silly questions despite coming in with invitation cards, dressed in batik and carrying an MPV-full of children. I got in without any problem. But coming out, questions were asked and I was asked to pop the trunk etc. I personally don't have a problem with that. My problem is the the lack of coordination. I am sure the simple reason why the army allowed for the hall to be used is for extra revenue, and maybe to have better community relations. To admit otherwise and open out the camp for other reasons just does not make sense. It just did not justify the possible compromise to security.

In other words, make the procedure of entering and exiting the camp during one of this events standardised. Guests will know what to expect. Maybe the host will also know what to expect so that the guests will be informed. It wasn't just me but many of the guests were bemoaning that fact as well.

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