Lunch at Atrium Cafe, Sunway Hotel Resort

Last Saturday, after attending the wedding, I took the whole troupe to Sunway. The boys did not eat much during the kenduri. They wanted some spaghetti instead. I remember last year, we went Atrium Cafe at Sunway Resort Hotel and the food there was a hit with the boys. For a Saturday afternoon, the traffic was rather kind. We glide through the New Pantai Expressway, parked at the hotel - less crowded then the Sunway Pyramid carpark - and settled in pretty quickly.

Anita's spaghettiThe cafe itself was accessible from the main shopping complex on the Ground Floor. There are two parts to the cafe, the buffet and the cafe. We prefer the cafe as usually the money spent on paying for the buffet was more than the food taken as it was already late afternoon. We can also order whatever we fancy that way. My favorite there have always been the buffalo mozzarella. Yes, I know it's full of fat, but hey! Cheese were supposed to be good fat what?

Now you see it ......... now you don'tThe setting was pretty basic. A simple cafe and a sports bar. There were pinball consoles and pool tables. There was also a fusball table. The seating was very comfortable table with a few rows of wall sofa. Since the main crowd was on the buffet area, we got the whole area to ourselves and the boys just loved that! For a cafe, the food was actually really nice. Nice for snacking with friends. Especially good since the shopping area was just next door ….

The skating rink being transformed with the Chinese New Year themeThe customary lantern

Quickly settling in for our mozzarella and spaghetti, I explored the shopping centre looking for any interesting decor. There was a dragon dance troupe doing a show there at the time but Irfan was not really that keen. Initially Puan Anita was keen to see the dolphin show there. Apparently, there was a special pool being erected for the show, located in a tent just outside the shopping complex. We were under the impression that it was located in the lagoon itself initially. Since it was on the opposite side, we gave it a miss.

We went to the Wildlife Park instead …. which will be uploaded here later. Slideshow of the visit is here.

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