Walkabout with my 400D

Idlan unfortunately developed temperature this morning. The initial plan was to go up the hill to Colmar Tropicale for a spot of sightseeing. We therefore spend the morning at home. I had the chance to watch the Grammies. Quite a glittering affair. Black Eyed Peas really rocked the house with 'I got a feeling'. The flop was definitely Taylor Swift. If she were to sing like that in front of Simon Cowell, she would've been booted out. Where was Kanye when you really needed him. I couldn't believe she won 'Album of the Year'!

The now legendary fake blossomI also woke up with a spot of glee. United comprehensively schooled the Arsenal at their backyard last night. An important win. We were now only a point behind Chelsea who will be traveling to Hull midweek to play their game in hand. I started Idlan on antibiotics and by late morning he was much better. But not after puking his breakfast out. After lunch, I decided to take my 400D out and head out to Bukit Bintang area to take pics. I also had to settle the credit card bill at a branch of UOB there - unfortunately the teller machine broke down, so I can't pay. I fully expect to hear from one of their telephone operator tomorrow to remind me to pay, during which I will remind them to fix their machine.

Heading towards Starbucks for some mochaThe main foyerI started off at the main entrance of Pavilion and around the fountain. The weather was very sunny and the lighting was rather tricky. The photos looked washed out and flat. I decided to head indoors. I soon got bored since I took some photograph of the interior already last week. I then made my way to Low Yat. It was pretty deserted for a weekday. The main foyer which used to be buzzing with vendors and stalls was empty. It was empty space. Something I was not used to. I walked around to look for photo printer since the current one I have was five years-old and the refills were hard to come by nowadays. The current prize for dedicated photo printers were already very cheap. Compared to the RM2500 I spend for my last printer, I can get an A4 printer for less than RM250 complete with ink-tank modification. That's important to cut maintenance down. The printers were to heavy to carry though as I park at Pavilion. Maybe next time.

By the time I came back to Pavilion, the lighting was better, and I started snapping away. I put up the slideshow here.

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