Irfan's First Day at School

It was a big day for the household. It was Irfan's first day at school. We were apprehensive as he clearly said that he still preferred to go to his Pingu school rather than joining his brother. He was clearly was not keen to put on the uniform after his bath.

We went to bed very early last night. Everyone except for Puan Anita was asleep by 9.30. So, waking them up this morning was not a problem. After breakfast and shower, it was time to go. There were many new faces. New students joining Idlan's class mainly. We got Irfan settled into his new classroom. His teacher, Teacher Julie was expecting him to join, so she quickly came over to take Irfan away. He only have five classmates as his was the youngest class. Next came the assembly. Poor Irfan had to stand at the very front and you can see him slowly getting worked up. Fortunately, he did not create a scene. Back to the classroom then.

After some sing-a-long and colouring, we can see him much more settled. We then quickly sneaked out for a quick breakfast. By the time we came over to pick him up, he was running around excited. He really enjoyed his first day at school and can't stop telling his Granddad afterwards. We then took them out for lunch at Great Eastern Mall. Idlan dozed off to sleep on the way back as he was rather tired, but not Irfan. It's now just after 9pm and he was now past asleep. Looking forward for another day I suppose!