First day back


For some reason, I was feeling more exhausted than usual today. Some might say that age is getting to me. It maybe true. It's just that I was feeling more run down than usual. It may be down to the fact that a lot had happened in the last few days and all the excitement may have gotten into me mentally. It did not help that I zoomed off to Kuala Kangsar on Saturday to attend the doa selamat at our new house.

My father-in-law was doing OK although I still have to visit him every night to administer his jabs. I will also be to his house early tomorrow morning to draw some blood. He is due for his test then. If his INR comes back OK then that will be the end of his injections for the time being.

Another thing Puan Anita pointed out was the boys going back to school. Everyone was excited and so was I. I could really do with a good night rest. Habibah will be attending a course in Ampang Hospital tomorrow morning, so it will be another long day. To cut a long story short, one might say that I was really looking forward to tomorrow. Well, it could be worst!

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