Octoberfest at The Curve


Yesterday started off with a short drive to Serdang where I was invited to participate in a campaign they had there at the hospital. It was essentially an update on thrombosis. I was to talk about new anticoagulations. The talk went well. Having finished that, I had to rush straight back to UMMC to finish off the morning clinic.

The clinic was almost done when I got back. I sorted out the ward issues in the afternoon before getting off, and took the troupe out for dinner and jalan-jalan at The Curve. We all had our haircut, took dinner at Marche and bought Suraiya her birthday present. Her birthday party will be on Saturday morning.

Haircut timeCatching up on Ironman at one of the video shopsWhile waiting for Mum choosing presents for Suraiya

The foyer between the Curve and E has been transformed into a beer garden it seemed for the Octoberfest, complete with a brass band in tight leather trousers - they appeared British though rather than German - singing away merry songs. The waitress were clad in dresses and skirts serving pitches of beer, skipping away to the beat. My boys were wondering what was actually going on. Puan Anita explained to them that it was a German tradition kind of thing. Getting drunk on beer in October every year. They still appeared confused after that. But true enough, it was for Octoberfest. Even Marche played in into the celebration with sausage promotions and what have you. With the brass band, singing, lights an all, it would have been an experience for the boys but it was kinda hard to explain to them about the beer and everything. They started to ask one too many question.

Moleskine mania at Tango MangoAfter getting Suraiya's present, we took it to be wrapped up at Tango Mango, a nice little gift shop on the first floor of The Curve, right above Marche. Oh boy! They had a very good selection of Moleskine there, and I obliged to buy a couple of pads - for work of course. Moleskine were just addictive.