Suraiya's Birthday

Suraiya's birthday party really went well today, although a few people couldn't make it at the last minute. The boys enjoyed themselves. Chicky, the mascot was there of course. Of course both Idlan and Irfan had their moments - with their tantrums of course. Idlan planning on sabotaging the birthday cake.

It was always a good idea to have birthday party at a venue rather than at home. You can rest assured that the caterer will not be late, plenty of food will be available. Decor will always be provided, with a party organiser usually. But the beat thing of all, you don't have to do the cleaning up. I have been to some well-organised venue party in the past. McDonald's and KFC were very good at these usually. We, of course had Idlan's at the Bird Park, and although we spent quite a bit of money, I thought it was well worth the price.

Chess anyone?Next stop was Wangsa Walk Mall to get a new pair of school shoes for Irfan. He was certainly growing up fast indeed. I reckon that he will need a couple of pairs of new one for the next school year. There was a giant chess competition in the middle of the Walk which was quite interesting.


Irfan's new shoesLet's kick the AndroidUnfortunately I had to do a bit of work in the afternoon. Right after that, I went to Sg Wang to sort my credit cards and had a quick tea there. There was no new DVD out from the looks of things. I headed over to Low Yat next. There were showing off the new Android tablet by CSL. I ha a quick look. They were running 2.1 and was a bit buggy still from the looks of things. They were certainly smaller than the iPad. Will I invest on them? Not yet at least.