Taxi Day

It has been one of those evening where I know I Should be doing some work, but can't be asked to start. I had to babysit the boys as Puan Anita was at the hospital visiting Dad. It looks like he will be a couple of days away still from discharge since his warfarin level - the INR - was still not high enough. I ended up downloading a couple of new games on the iPhone and played 'Fruit Ninja' with the boys. Great fun.

The day started out smoothly, taking the boys to school and having breakfast with Puan Anita at PappaRich. That was nice. We then went straight to the hospital to pick up mum-in-law who spent the night at the hospital. We went straight to pick up the boys from school on the way back.

After lunch, we went out for a stroll to The Curve as I wanted to buy a shredder. There were just simply too many loose papers on my study desk and some of them were confidential as it contains patient results and exam questions. Previously, I took them back to hospital to be dispose of, but a shredder can to the job just as well.

After that done, plus some tea at Marche, we headed home for a thunderstorm. Once, the lightning hit the room, triggering the circuit-breaker and short out alarm system out. It was still chirping away while I was writing this entry. Apparently, the technician will be dropping by first thing tomorrow morning to fix the problem. I will still be on leave tomorrow, but will have to was to the hospital first to visit Dad and second for a meeting late in the afternoon. We were planning to go to PD on Saturday for an event there, with the family tagging along, but at the rate Dad was going, we may have to modify the plan somewhat. Maybe I will have to ask Anita's big brother to help out.

So, here we go. The entry was complete, and it was time to write a couple of letters for work!

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