Yes. Finally Dad was allowed to go home. And how desperate was he. I don't think he can take another day in the ward. Not that he was not happy with the treatment or anything, more about being relieved that all was over. Since the angiogram and stent insertion, he felt better and staying at the hospital was perceived as being a burden to us. We assured him that it wasn't at all.

He got the news pending a blood result in the afternoon. As soon as the result was out, he got ready almost straight away even though it took me some time to sort the prescriptions and the bills out. Even though he is a Government Pensioner, we still had to pay for the cost of equipment during the stenting. So there were bills to be settled.

I had to stay at the hospital after he left as I have a Society meeting to attend to after 5pm at UMMC. It was time to pack when I reached home. The troupe will be heading for PD on Saturday, staying the evening there. First out-of-town outing for the Estima. Looking forward to that.

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