Day One

Yes! It was the first day in the office with the brand new MacBook Air. Very impressive. Despite the small size, everything loaded up really fast. Must be due to the solid state drive. Rebooting from power off took less than 30 minutes. From sleep was instantaneous. Battery life was almost 5 hours. Can t really complaint. I just wish that it has a built-in 3G wireless connection, saving me from having to hook up my iPhone along as a tethered modem. First order of business was downloading the printer drivers for use in clinic. I can just hook up via USB and have the document printed rather than emailing myself then open the file up from another terminal.

What I need now is a proper case. I just brought it in an envelope inside my bag. It was that small and portable. I also wished that the keyboard were back lit. I can t type in the dark last night! The lack of DVD drive was also a bit of a nuisance at this beginning as most of the programs I had to install were on discs. I used my MacBook Pro as the course, but the speed of transfer was really slow. What I did was load the content into a portable hard drive and use that instead as a source. That solved that!

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