A downer


We have been looking around for an MPV for the best part of the year. The momentum took-off again recently and for the last couple of months, Puan Anita have been looking around for a deal. Initially I wanted an Estima but after browsing a few other alternatives, we considered the Mazda and SsangYong. Finally after a visit to a showroom and giving away our preference, one of the local dealer drove to our house an Estima that was just the right colour and spec. It was love at first sight.

The loan was sorted out. The car - being a reconditioned model, was being done nicely. All the paperwork as far as the authorities were concerned were completed, including a couple of afternoon trips to the back to sign documents. We were due to receive the delivery this afternoon in time for the long Deepavali weekend. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of letting one of our family friend handled the insurance policy. My God, he was fussy. I suspected that he was not happy that we looked for the car ourselves. We thought we involved him for the insurance as a courtesy as the dealer - who have been consistently excellent - have got a policy ready should we chose so. From the beginning, this family friend of ours have been harassing both my wife and the dealer. Everything came to a head yesterday when he insisted on a GPS tracker being installed. According to him, should the GPS tracker not installed, there will be no insurance.

The answer to that was simple. Either he gets it installed for us on his expense, or we just pick another policy instead. No brainer. He went on to abuse our dealer for not making sure that a GPS tracker was installed from the start, sounding as if it was the dealer’s fault and we were being tricked into buying the car from him in the first place! Sigh! So here we were. No MPV until next week.  Moral of the story, don’t do any business with a family friend if one can help it! And before you even think about it, both the dealer and the insurance guy are Chinese. It was not a race thing. Or so I thought!

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