Shopping Time

Contrary to popular belief I’m not a big fan of shopping. So as I find myself in desperate need for some new clothes I decided to go out yesterday. Unfortunately I picked the wrong day. We went up to Pavilion right in the middle of town and being a public holiday – Deepavali –  the whole place was packed. It took us 15 min to drive to Pavilion but another half an hour to find a parking spot. And it was only by sheer luck that we got the spot as I was close to giving up.

We also found out that there was this fashion show going on right in the middle of the shopping mall. The place was full of photographers. It was full of tall women. Since we were caught in a traffic jam on arrival to have some coffee first.  This was when we first noticed the tall leggy women. Nope! I didn’t have my SLR with me. Even if I had, I might incur the wrath of Puan Anita - being left with a broken camera!

Next come the shopping. I’m never been keen shopping during sale. Even though they will bargain to be had I detest the crowd. I detest the long queue. What I did was a jazz rule into Parkson where main sale was happening. Picked up five shirts. Picked up some ties and T-shirts. Then off to pay. I was really not keen to meddle for too long, but there were so much bargain to be had. Took some time to find some new trousers that clearly there were not doing any Dockers there.  Luckily Puan Anita managed to get the boys occupied at the children’s department. Looking at some toys, I don’t think she had much problem doing that. How good was the sales? Most of the line were selling at 40% discount. Even the premium brands had a nice price-cut. Not bad actually!

That's one big shoe!Winding downNext on the list, a case for my MacBook air. I tried a few shops so far, but unfortunately since the product was still new they win any good cases out just yet. I ended up buying some software is instead the main one being the new office 2011. I got it for under RM600 for 3 licenses which I thought was not to bet. Yes contrary to popular belief, when it comes to serious work and by genuine softwares. Plus the fact that my software dealers been put out of business recently.

After the shopping was that it was time for some food. The boys again wanted pizza, just like last night. At least the traffic going home was not that bad.

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