Checking in

After dinner, I joined up with the rest of the participants for the evening session. It was conducted by a professional motivational speaker from Melaka, Encik Baba. The session we had concerned self-confidence and handling pressure in face of cancer, which was easy to follow and rather entertaining. What was obvious was the willingness of the participants to open up. Their enthusiasm was infectious and even though they were of different race, there was no barrier. Even though I was familiar to most of the techniques on show, it takes skill to get the message across to a group of different races.

Encik Baba trying to burst her balloonIt was time for bedI was too tired to stay for the whole session. Some of the segments required the participants to interact with each other and that took some time. I left to my room - which was on the top floor when they were about to close the session. I went to survey the rest of the hotel before returning to my room. When I was writing this entry, United was leading Blackburn 3 nil, and they had only just played half an hour. I was able to watch the game in my room. I have an early start tomorrow morning, plus the drive back to KL. Will blog about the hotel later when I have more picture of the place.