Down in JB

I was asked to participate in a patient support group event down in JB, a course I have always gladly support. I did a few sessions in the past, although they were mainly in KL. Puan Anita initially wanted to join me but his brother is due to return from Turkmenistan. We decided to ditch that plan. We were gearing up for the trip to Kuala Kangsar next weekend, but that will depend on whether my in-laws were coming or not. Rather difficult if they can’t make it with us.

Since I was traveling alone, I decided to drive down after lunch. I made a stop at Ayer Keroh for some ‘Root Beer floats’ at A&W, before kicking on. The weather was nice initially, but by the time I reached Simpang Renggam, it turned. It poured down and I had to take my time. I made it in the end and checked into the hotel just after 5.30. It looked like I have a session to attend after dinner. My colleague, Dr Bee, is from Muar. I gather that he was spending the day at his parents and will be driving down - will only take him less than a couple of hours mind you - after dinner.

Initially I was thinking of having a look at what the town have to offer, but don’t really fancy doing it alone. A quick check, and they might be showing the football in my room later. Something to look forward to …. Will blog later about the hotel. 

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