Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Park

The rabbit farm is not included in the entrance fee to Colmar. However it only set us back RM3 per person to get in, which to be honest was great value for money. Again with the food provided the boys really had fun feeding the already well-fed rabbits. They were pretty tame, which made the boys even more curious. They can’t stop petting their backs while I was holding my breath worrying about an impending asthma attack. 

The area where children can interact with the rabbits was actually pretty small, and they had to climb up a small fence to get in. The fence was to avoid the rabbit from jumping out of the compound. I counted easily 40 rabbits in the compound for children to play with. They were pretty strict though on the matter of handling.We were not allowed to lift the whole rabbit up. Patting was OK.

We spent a good hour here taking pictures and after that having snacks. There was also a small playground next to it, as well as a small petting zoo. If you were in the mood you can also take up a ride on a pony. It will cost you RM6, but we decided against it. Our boys were more fascinated with feeding the rabbit. There was also a small deer cage, and breeding area for the rabbit that if you can go an have a look. The playground was also well maintained and clean with nice grassy area. You can even bring a small mat and have a picnic there as the weather was gorgeous and it was very cool in the breeze.

Nice houses by the hillApart from the outdoor playground, there were also an indoor play area for toddlers. Parking was an issue however as they were pretty limited in number. The place was packed when we arrived and being only a 30 minutes drive from where we lived, we should go there more often. Irfan swore that one of the rabbit should be his pet, but I don’t think we were able to cope with a rabbit judging from past experience.The rabbit park is only 5 minutes downhill from Colmar. Clicking to the photo above will take you to my flickr site, where it was GPS-tagged. Finding the place should be straight-forward, and if you were staying at Colmar, there were also shuttles available to take you back and forth.