Morning Market

Proper belacan this ......This was not your usual morning market. This one was in Kuala Kangsar, on a Saturday morning. Why do I feel like blogging about it? It was because the food were cheep and delicious. It was not very big, in fact we only got the food from a few stores.


We had nasi lemak, putu, apam balik and roti john. There were also fresh meat and fish on offer but since we would be staying until tomorrow, we probably drop by again tomorrow to bring some food back home. We probably spent RM50 one of the food store and in Kuala Kangsar, RM50 was a lot of money.

It ended with teh tarikOn the way out, we passed by a small stall selling pet fish - ikan semilang. We got a couple for the boys. Irfan’s was a blue - he christened it ‘Blue Peter’ and Idlan’s was light lavender colour which he called ‘Fat Bob’. Let see how long they can stay alive this time. Judging from the experience from their previous pets, not very long!

The new pet - Fat BobIrfan feeding his 'Blue Peter'

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