Cycling through Kampong

After the trip to the market and was done with breakfast, we decided to take a stroll in the kampong, trying out our new bicycles. My Mum-in-law bought it during her last trip here, but she only got three, which meant that Idlan and Irfan had to share. I started out having to open up all the wrappings and covers. That took me nearly 30 minutes.

Yes! An internet-equipped kedai kopi in the middle of the kampong!

Our kampong in Kuala Kangsar have tar-covered pavements, so walking around was OK and we managed to avoid the muds as it has been raining most afternoon - it was drizzling outside at the time I was drafting this entry. The weather was cool and even though it was past 10am, it was very pleasant. Right next to our house is a surau, which doubled up as a community center with religious classes being held regularly. On the other side, believe it or not is a small music studio. It was for the kampong musician - still immersed in the ‘rock kapak’ era - to jam. It was well insulated, so we can only hear the bass drums from the outside. And they started jamming pretty early this morning. They were already in full-swing by 8am.

One of the neighbour holding a berkhatan ceremonyA big river at one end of the kampongThe studio also had a small cafe at its front, and it has wifi. It was the local spin on Internet cafe and I can see a fair few people there already with their laptops! Further down the path is a small kenduri being held. Apparently, a child there will be having his berkhatan - circumcision - later that afternoon. A big day for the boy. There were rows of seats and table on the outside, complete with a canopy and a caterer van. A bit more modern than I expected really.

We could do with another small bikeAs the boys had to share the bicycle, I was on foot most of the time, making sure that they stay off the road for motorcycles and cars to pass by. The kampong was much bigger than I expected, and in the 45 minutes, we did not manage to explore the whole place. We seriously need the extra bicycle for the boys, but can’t be asked to go out today. Staying at home while in the kampong house is such bliss. Why should I go out to town?

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