Sawah Time

Buoyed from yesterday's adventure through the kampong, we decided to venture further this morning. It started out with first Puan Anita and me riding our bikes to the end of the kampong to find a spot to take the boys later on. The weather has been kind. It was cool and quiet. The sun was hidden, mixed with the sound of the jungle and flowing river, it was easier to lie in bed rather than venturing out.

Right from outside my window this morningThe adventure beginsAt least we did not have to wake up early. My Mum-in-laws has left for the morning market well before 7.30. We enjoyed a lie in and only got out from the room after hearing the minivan moving into the garage. Idlan and Irfan were still asleep then, and they were about to wake up when we took to the bike after breakfast. After 15 minutes peddling, we can across a paddy field. We decided to push on and later discovered that there was a much simpler route to take the boys to see the fields. Since it was raining the whole of yesterday, it was rather muddy. Therefore we took the boys put before they had their shower. And oh boy were they excited.

The paddy field was within walking distance, but Idlan insisted on taking his bicycle. He came out first as Irfan was still having breakfast at the time. He could not atop running. I went back later to fetch Irfan. There were so many questions. They were asking us why we did not rake their boots with us from KL so that they can walk in the mud. Their enthusiasm stopped short after my story about the leeches and other blood-sucking creatures. They were left to explore the flora, and were so mesmerized with semalu, and how quickly they retract when they touched them. Another lengthy explanation ensues.

When the dust settled, it was time to eatThey finally gave up after half an hour and started the argument on who should be on the bike. It was Irfan's turn. We have just finished packing when I completed the draft. I will pepper in the pics later after I reach KL. Our driver will be at the helm today, so I'll likely be surfing on the iPhone all the way up. We planned to stop at Tapah for some kuih pau later.

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