Low Yat on Chinese New Year Day

Can this count as Valentine's Day gift?Yes, I was kinda free this afternoon and since I have some stuff I needed to get for my LiveScribe pen, I thought why not take a walk around Bukit Bintang and Pavilion and see what's cooking there. I got there late afternoon and started off with some sushi at Yo! Sushi. Then I was off!

Just about 50% of the shops were open at Sg Wang Bukit Bintang. The camera shops were open when I started making inquiries  about the EOS 7D. After about 20 minutes, I moved along to Low Yat. It was even worst there. Less than 30% of the shops were opened. The foyer was almost deserted. Even the Apple shop was closed. Unfortunately, the shop where I got my LiveScribe stuffs were also closed and I had to leave empty-handed.

On the way back, I noticed a lot of young Malay couple mingling along. I realized then it was Valentines Day. There was even a ma cir in tudung selling roses. This definitely went against the preaching on TV about Valentines being too Christian for 1Malaysia. Najib will have to turun padding to set this one straight I reckon, instead of all the eye sang he was tossing on TV. Well, my Valentine days were over. I got some perfume for Puan Anita yesterday with the kids with a card handwritten by Idlan. That put a smile on her face all day …..