A day to Recuperate

Got to kill some insects tonight .....Irfan has been unwell all day although he was much better by the afternoon. When he woke this morning, he vomited a couple of times, and again after given his medicine. He did develop temperature after lunch. I took him for a nap and he was much better when he woke up. We ended up spending the day in the house.

However, we had to some groceries in the evening and as he was keen to go out, we took him to Jaya Jusco. Had some fish and chips for dinner and he was running around by then. He was just yelling around when we told him it was time for his medicine again. After some prodding, he agreed.

We did notice when we were at JJ that the air conditioning was switched off. It was hot and balmy. When we asked the cashier, she said, "biasalah, Boss Cina. Sekarang Raya Cina. Cina tak ada datang. Bangsa lain saja. Tak payah la bukak air cond." Maybe it was tongue-in-cheek but I wonder if there is some truth in that exchange. Time to get the boys to bed again now …..

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