Mixed Bag

Day started with a game of congkakAll together it has been a mixed bag of a day today. It started off badly, with Irfan sniffling all morning and I hardly got any sleep. Thank god today is the last day of the long weekend, so I still get to chill all morning. By lunchtime, we decided to get out for some fresh air. We decided to head over to 1Utama which sounded initially as not that bad an idea.

When we reached there, it took me 30 mints to find a parking spot, which at the end we decided to park illegally. As far as I am concerned, as long as I pay to get into the carpark, it was legal! The place was crowded and Irfan got restless. We decided to have lunch and oh boy, did we pick the wrong place. Idlan wanted to sit on a sofa, so we ended up at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge on the first floor of the new wing. 

Idlan munching away at his chocolateThe show from our vantage pointI will describe the experience there in my later entry. I was still traumatised by the whole experience! While we were having the drinks, we heard sound of drums from the foyer. The boys quickly rushed over. It was a show by a group of Shaolin monks from China. They were quite good and from the upper floor, we got a decent vantage point. They went through their repertoire of jumps, skips and tricks. They also got member of the audience to join them for some fun and games. Not bad. Before long, my two boys started jumping and kicking, imitating the monks!

Passing by Pavilion on the way to Low Yat later onSince Irfan was still under the weather, we decided to head home. On the way, the boys wanted to stop at their Gramma's over at Bukit Antarabangsa. We hang around there all afternoon. Enough time for me to head over again into town to get something from Low Yat. My LiveScribe pen ran out of papers and ink. Unfortunately there were not many shops that do them. Some of them were closed for the New Year. Fortunately today, I got my stock and was happy. So the day ended up very well indeed.

To cap it off, one of my Uncle - Mamu - turned up at my Mum's with his family. Their son will be married o the 23rd May, which happens to be Idlan's birthday. That will be busy weekend, since we can't cancel our birthday party scheduled on the 22nd since everything was booked up. It sounded that we have to drive on the morning. If the boys were not coming, it will likely be a day trip for me.