Definitely One to Avoid

As I mentioned in my previous entry, the lunch at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is something to be avoided. The decor and ambiance was nice. The cafe was strategically placed on the first floor of the New Wing in 1Utama. Anyone passing by would have noticed it. Certainly a nice place to crash into should you become peckish after a day shopping. So, you better be desperate before you get here.

The place thrive on specialties such as novelty chocolate coffees and chocolate-dipped fruit cutlets and the likes. There we also promotion for roasted chicken with rice and the menu seemed simple but elegant. I went for pasta, as I know you really need to make an effort to mess up an order of pasta. The one that I ordered was something along the lines of 'seafood pasta olio olio' or whatever it meant. So what did I get?

Pot of tea anyone?It was basically spaghetti dipped in chili oil as the sauce, topped with some poached mushrooms and prawns. On the side was a cut of baguette that was hardly fresh smeared with garlic butter, to be passed as garlic bread. As for the roasted chicken, it was a piece of chicken thigh, precooked, then microwaved to warm with a small bowl of rice. For drinks, I ordered iced white chocolate, topped with shaving of cocoa. The chocolate had a hint of vanilla to it, but the after taste was too bitter for my liking. They need to cut down on the cocoa shavings, or use a less concentrated chocolate bar!

The saving grace was the a la carte chocolate pieces that my children had. It was not as nice nor as expensive as our usual Godiva offerings but at least it was an improvement to the food. I think the place should concentrate on simple meals, sandwiches and the likes rather than attempt anything more filling. I am sure the drinks can't be that bad, maybe it was the overzealous barrista being generous on the cocoa shavings. The ambiance was really nice, and if it was not for the food, I would probably go there again. As it stands, it was not worth it! So stay away guys and gals!