Arriving at Port Dickson

I managed to reach PD right after work yesterday, just before the sun set. The plan was for a quick photo moment just as the sun was settin

On reaching there, Idlan was so excited that I made it just in time so he rushed to the door slinging my EOS 400D. The thing just went kabush on the concrete floor. He quickly realized what happened and ran back inside. He was afraid I might tell I might tell him off. After all in his eyes, I am the source of all his toys, with me in a bad mood, the stay over the weekend will be a miserable one. I was cool about it actually until I realised the kind of damage incurred! When the camera hit the floor, it has my main prime lens on it, the 50mm f1.4. My favourite lens. After trying it, the focus ring just stayed at Infiniti refusing to budge. I know I was in trouble.

The 50mm f1.4 stuck at infiniti. You can see it focusing on the background. You can tell the excellent optics from the sweet bokeh!Rest in peaceAfter I detached the lens, it soon made a clicking sound. One of the connectors or electronics may have become loose. The optics still looked perfect. When I tried another lens on, the focus motor was running but it was not giving a sharp focus. Oooops! I can cope with just he damage to the lens but with the focusing mechanism also going AWOL, I may need to send the body in to the shop for them to have a look at. Hopefully it was just somehing trivial. Otherwise, I will be SLR-less until I save enough money for the 7D sometime in June. I willthen have to invest another RM2000 for a replacement prime! All together it was a rather expensive drop!

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